Miscellaneous links, 12/23/11

  • Belarus is going to build… the greatest spacecraft ever?  Really?  I just about died laughing when I read that headline.
  • Here’s a cool kite.  Not really anything more than that, just a really nice piece of design and construction.
  • A new radiator design, which tries to look and act like an indoor campfire.
  • Gah.  Christchurch, New Zealand got hit by another earthquake.  Not cool.
  • The Iranians are getting set to rehearse their Doomsday weapon, closing the Strait of Hormuz.
  • Heh.  I like this, it’s a nice way to rethink lighting and flashlight design.
  • Vending machines… for pudding?  And they’re making it able to tell the difference between children and adults, and shoo the kids away without any dessert?  Okay, whatever gets your product out there.
  • Legos + Geeks = Funny projects

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