Links, 12/29/11


According to this report, Stuxnet and it’s baby brother Duqu were only two out of a family of five cyber weapons; the other three haven’t been launched yet.

Google’s augmented reality program, Google Goggles, has an awesome name; I can’t wait to see it applied to AR glasses.

Transistors made from cotton – another step towards ubiquitous electronic clothing.


More drone stuff; this article talks about the program to launch Switchblade UAVs from subs, and the Tempest/Cicada UAV combo, launched from weather balloons.

China’s getting a new armored vehicle, according to Defense Tech.

Here’s a shocker:  Russia just tested a new warhead that they say is designed to deal with the West’s new missile defenses.  Such a surprise.  I may die from shock.  … not.

Here’s an article on anti-pirate technology, featuring lasers, sonic guns, skunk water (!), and the more traditional armed guards.


China’s just announced their plans for future space launches.


Forbes has posted their predictions for biotech and medicine in 2012.

All right, soap-box time: Vaccines save lives.  Yes, they should be tested to make sure that they’re safe.  But once they’re verified as safe EVERYONE should get them.  No ****ing exceptions.  You get even 10% of a population without vaccinations, and the disease will continue to thrive.  We’re seeing a resurgence in measles and other bugs in the US that should have been DYING OUT by now, because some morons think that they’re allowed to put all of us at risk just because they got scared by one (really bad) article.  For ****ing serious, people.  Stop this nonsense.  NOW.


India’s continuing it’s push towards solar, which should (hopefully) do something for their creaky and undependable power grid.

Solar-backed securities – a new way to provide funds to build solar installations.


Seems that bugs are (as usual) more clever than we give them credit for:  some varieties of crop pests are becoming resistant to the insecticide toxin produced by an extremely widespread genetically modified breed of corn.  Oh, fun.

On the subject of environmental investments, this report says that the costs of the EPA’s new air quality regulations will be around $195 billion over 20 years, but the benefits will be close to $1 trillion.


This battery/motor attachment will turn your non-electric bike into an electric bike, just by hitching the thing on.

Whups, turns out that NYT “hack” yesterday wasn’t a hack, it was somebody pushing the wrong button.  That spam was only supposed to go to 300 people, not 8 million.  Oops.

This might technically go in the military section, but it’s so silly that I didn’t want to suggest that I was taking it seriously.  Apparently British troops are in a huff over their new combat uniforms, which aren’t quite as sharp as they expect British troops to look.  They’re too American, apparently.  *cough*Maybe because they work*cough*


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