Links, 12/30/11



  • has put up a an animation of the trials, tribulations, and eventual demise of Phobos-Grunt, Russia’s most recent ill-fated Mars probe.
  • A proposal was made at a hacker convention to use dedicated private/cooperatively-owned satellites to evade SOPA and any other restrictive laws that are put into place.  I’m not sure whether they’ve taken into account just how much a reliable satellite communications system costs, or how they may be targeted by an irate space-capable nation.  (“Oh, hey, you guys depend on this satellite network for your acts of cybercrime?  Y’know, we’re getting tired of being hacked, so we’re going to shoot them down.  Sorry ’bout that.”)
  • Here’s an overview of private spaceflight in 2012.
  • As part of DARPA’s Phoenix program, which intends to scavenge parts from defunct satellites and use them to build new ones using robots, there’s a new movement to use the technology that’s gone into medical waldos to create robot space mechanics.




  • If you’re in an earthquake zone, don’t watch the ground for incoming quakes – watch the sky.  Apparently the leakage of radon from the highly stressed rocks of a fault that’s about to let loose can cause significant changes in the atmosphere above a fault, which can be tracked by satellite.

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