Links, 1/4/12


  • Futuristic, super-safe motorcycles.  Very cool, although I’m not sure about whether it will work out in the long run.
  • Now this should prove very useful.  It’s not quite a universal translator, but there’s now an app that lets your phone look at foreign language text on a menu or a street sign and translate it.
  • Here’s another step towards being able to control machines with our minds.


  • The US military’s budget and development projects provide an interesting view of geopolitical trends – it’s the most advanced, most heavily funded military in the world, and the direction that it goes in has a huge impact on the future.  Right now, it’s going through a budget crunch, so things may get interesting in a few years as the size and composition of the sea and air fleets change.
  • In a related story, here’s a look at a possible successor to the B2 stealth bomber.  The really critical question, to my mind, is “Do we need a super-stealth bomber that will cost more than an aircraft carrier?”  Because that’s how much these suckers are going to cost, if they ever get built, just you watch.
  • The US Navy is looking for a fully autonomous cargo helicopter.  This is more than the remote-controlled K-Max unmanned cargo helo, they want something that wouldn’t need anything more than instructions to take off and deliver its cargo.
  • This could go in the Health section, but it’s DARPA, so it goes in Military:  DARPA just posted results of a study in curing radiation therapy.  Apparently combining an antibiotic and an immune-system protein considerably boosts survival rates in mice exposed to toxic levels of radiation.
  • Why bother to use steel as a casing for warheads, when you can use an explosive material that’s got the same strength as steel?




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