Printing with ice, insect cyborgs, an anti-alcohol drug, and more



  • I love this:  You launch a balloon, which rises to 60,000ft.  When that balloon gets close to a particular spot, it drops its cargo – a medium-sized drone.  That drone flies towards its target, and drops one or two miniature drones.  Those minidrones – basically sensors, transmitters, and a motherboard shaped into a gliding surface – glide down to earth and proceed to act like a sensor outpost.  Sort of the Rube Goldberg of spy drones.





  • Giant Robotic Eggs Dance a Tango  I think that “Weirdest title of the day” is going to become a standard fixture.  It’s just so hard to resist all the strange stuff that pops up, most days!  😛
  • What do you get if you take a stiff, strong paper (cardboard, say), soak it in fireproofing compound, and then coat it in waterproofing compound?  A paper cookpot, that’s what.

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