Atomic computing gets one step closer

… although it’s a LONG road till we get to that goal.

Okay, so the story is that IBM researchers have created a data storage device capable of holding one bit of data – and they’ve made it out of only 12 atoms.

This is awesome – real science fiction stuff.  BUT.  It’s only one bit, it doesn’t have any surrounding circuitry on the right scale that would allow you to use it, and heaven only knows what kind of obstacles there would be for manufacturing the things on an industrial scale.  So… awesome, but useless (for now).  I’m sure that IBM is working on the rest, but I think that it’s safe to say “don’t hold your breath.”

CNET  WIRED  IEEE Spectrum  TechNewsWorld  PopSci  Extremetech  Gizmag  Ars Technica  New Scientist  NYT  ScienceDaily

And an infographic from IBM


(Holy crap there’s a lot of stories about this, what the heck?!)

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