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IBM expects a prototype Li-air battery by 2013

… and for them to hit the market by 2020

Lithium-air batteries are the holy grail of portable battery technology, with energy densities up to 1000 times higher than those of Lithium ion batteries, but the chemistry is (currently) too unstable for practical use.  IBM thinks it has a possible answer to that (which I posted earlier this week), and that it should have a working prototype out by next year.  Fingers crossed…


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Energy, Mining, and Resources links, 12/23/11

More talk about how water is going to be a huge crisis point sometime down the road:

80% of Brazil’s latest power supply auction (to provide power to the government) bids were for wind power:

USGov approves new nuclear reactor design:

A Hawaiian windfarm using batteries to smooth out its power production:

Apple’s designs and patents of fuel-cells for laptops:

A battery that runs on paper:

Nano-engineered solar-power paint:

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