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Sniffing out explosives with sonic waves and a laser

The military’s working on a bomb-detector (dubbed GREMLIN) that shakes the ground and measures the vibrations on the surface with a laser to tell what’s underneath.  Also on PopSci.


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Military links, 12/23/11

Robots in the Age of Pirates:  UAVs and the Navy

So you’re using a camera-mounted-UAV to do a documentary in Oregon, and it crashes somewhere.  This isn’t exactly legal, but the poor guy’s sunk $15k in the thing, so he wants it back.  Now he’s just hoping that the police don’t realize that they can arrest him for it.

More Predator drones fly U.S.-Mexico border:  You knew it was coming, right?

Speaking of the Navy’s drone program, they just got their first fixed-wing carrier-launched drone, the X-47B:

I was wondering when the Navy would get around to launching drones from submarines, but… they’re doing it via the trash disposal chutes?  o_O

Take a prosthetic hand, attach it to a robot arm attached to a robot tank, and connect the hand and arm to a waldo, and what do you have?  A very dextrous bomb disposal robot.

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