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US military may use DNA barcodes to detect counterfeit parts

The military’s been dealing with counterfeit parts making their way into equipment for a couple of years now.  The problem’s gotten big enough that Congress has told the Pentagon to crack down – hard – and the Pentagon is all in favor of this.  Which brings us to the story: using plant DNA as a marker for parts that are approved for use, so that you can weed out the counterfeits.  While I’m sure that counterfeiters will figure out a way to get around this eventually, this should hold them at bay for a couple of years.


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Cheap DNA sequencing, six-engine VTOLs, instantly-clotting sponges, and small fuel cells




  • NASA’s always looking at ways to explore space – the trick is getting a good idea and sufficient funding to pull it off.  Space.com’s got an article here about possible “next steps” beyond low Earth orbit.




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