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Incoming disruptions to higher education

Forbes has an article on a number of factors that are likely to alter the way that the higher education system (and some of the pre-college system, too, most likely) operates in the future.


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A flying-wing drone, a heat-stroke pill, delaying the next ice age, and Diablo III



  • The Scimitar, a flying-wing design for a UAV body, maneuvers entirely by morphing the wing surface – no flaps or joints involved.  This means that it’s apparently very easy to fold up (for a drone) – you can cram three of them into a torpedo, for example, for launching from a submarine.  Very interesting possibilities.




  • If you’re interested in tracking climate change news, a number of articles are citing a study that says that the next ice age – which probably would have started in the next one or two thousand years – will probably be delayed by ten thousand years.


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