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Graphene: The perfect water filter

Chalk up another miraculous property to graphene.  Apparently it’s also the world’s best water filter, in that, when a graphene oxide membrane is prepared properly, it will let water pass through it and nothing else.  Coincidentally, this also makes it great for distilling alcohol.


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A new, cheap, process to make graphene quantum dots

Graphene is proven, yet again, to be a wonder-substance beyond compare.  Rice University scientists have just published an article describing a method to easily and cheaply manufacture graphene quantum dots (nanoscopic specs of graphene that glow when you hit them with light, essentially).  This is good news for the lighting industry and for a number of medical applications, which can make use of the glowing material to improve diagnoses and imaging.

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CES, graphene heat sinks, drug-immune TB, and more

Ah, CES.  What wonders it holds each year.  And what a deluge of news stories.  Which I have sifted through and picked out what I think will actually matter.  Read on…




  • The Marines are looking for a new brain/control-system for their robots – something that doesn’t need its hand held going from one place to another, and that can be plugged into multiple different platforms.
  • And speaking of military robots…  The US military’s airfleet is now 1/3 UAVs.  I repeat:  one third of all aircraft in the US military is now unmanned.  Mind you, this includes the itty-bitty ones that are launched by hand, but that’s still an… interesting milestone, considering that the number was 5% in 2005.  I wonder when it’ll become 50%?  or 90%?


  • Is NASA thinking of sending another lander to Venus?  It’s not a particularly hospitable environment, what with a temperature around 1000*F, massive air pressure and a choking atmosphere.  Still, NASA’s building a hell-on-Earth simulator for wannabe Venusian probes, so they seem to be considering the possibility…




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