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Sensixa e-AR duplicates the inner ear, knows if you’ve fallen and can’t get up

There’s a short article on Engadget about a device that acts as an electronic inner-ear: keeping track of your position and movement, and possibly letting medical help know if you’ve suddenly fallen or stopped moving.


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Health links, 12/23/11

Silk microneedles, designed to make for a cleaner, less painful injection:

Bionic eyes!  Always fun.  Not currently doing anything other than experimenting on mice, but it’s nice to see progress.

Sepsis, an immune-system overreaction to an infection, apparently is responsible for a quarter of hospital deaths.  What?!?

Plasma has popped up as a disinfectant recently, now they’re using it for dentistry:

A couple of new handheld devices that can detect brain injuries through the skull:

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