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The Navy Is Depending on Dolphins to Keep the Strait of Hormuz Open

More specifically, it may be planning on using them to detect mines.  Whether or not dolphins will actually be used for this is something that the Navy’s not telling, but it’s still a cool story.


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Military links, 12/23/11

Robots in the Age of Pirates:  UAVs and the Navy

So you’re using a camera-mounted-UAV to do a documentary in Oregon, and it crashes somewhere.  This isn’t exactly legal, but the poor guy’s sunk $15k in the thing, so he wants it back.  Now he’s just hoping that the police don’t realize that they can arrest him for it.

More Predator drones fly U.S.-Mexico border:  You knew it was coming, right?

Speaking of the Navy’s drone program, they just got their first fixed-wing carrier-launched drone, the X-47B:

I was wondering when the Navy would get around to launching drones from submarines, but… they’re doing it via the trash disposal chutes?  o_O

Take a prosthetic hand, attach it to a robot arm attached to a robot tank, and connect the hand and arm to a waldo, and what do you have?  A very dextrous bomb disposal robot.

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