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DoE to sponsor development of miniature nuclear plants

The DoE announced Friday a plan to support the development of small modular nuclear reactors.  These aren’t the enormous 1+ GW reactors that we’re familiar with; these are a third the size (or smaller, if you ask some people in the industry) that should increase the speed of completion (both because of faster permitting and faster construction) , efficiency, safety, and adaptability of new nuclear plants.

These plant designs have been on the horizon for a while now, with lots of promising ideas churning up the ether, but the demand for them and the financial backing for their development haven’t been high enough to get them rolling.  I’m pretty sure we’ll see more about them in the next couple of months.


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Energy, Mining, and Resources links, 12/23/11

More talk about how water is going to be a huge crisis point sometime down the road:

80% of Brazil’s latest power supply auction (to provide power to the government) bids were for wind power:

USGov approves new nuclear reactor design:

A Hawaiian windfarm using batteries to smooth out its power production:

Apple’s designs and patents of fuel-cells for laptops:

A battery that runs on paper:

Nano-engineered solar-power paint:

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