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A new, cheap, process to make graphene quantum dots

Graphene is proven, yet again, to be a wonder-substance beyond compare.  Rice University scientists have just published an article describing a method to easily and cheaply manufacture graphene quantum dots (nanoscopic specs of graphene that glow when you hit them with light, essentially).  This is good news for the lighting industry and for a number of medical applications, which can make use of the glowing material to improve diagnoses and imaging.


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Energy, Mining, and Resources links, 12/23/11

More talk about how water is going to be a huge crisis point sometime down the road:

80% of Brazil’s latest power supply auction (to provide power to the government) bids were for wind power:

USGov approves new nuclear reactor design:

A Hawaiian windfarm using batteries to smooth out its power production:

Apple’s designs and patents of fuel-cells for laptops:

A battery that runs on paper:

Nano-engineered solar-power paint:

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