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1st Private Rocket Launch to Space Station Delayed

SpaceX has delayed its cargo delivery to the ISS.  No new date has been announced, but I’m all in favor of triple (or quadruple, or sextuple, or…) checking the design and plans for the launch.  Make this go off without a hitch, guys.

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A flying-wing drone, a heat-stroke pill, delaying the next ice age, and Diablo III



  • The Scimitar, a flying-wing design for a UAV body, maneuvers entirely by morphing the wing surface – no flaps or joints involved.  This means that it’s apparently very easy to fold up (for a drone) – you can cram three of them into a torpedo, for example, for launching from a submarine.  Very interesting possibilities.




  • If you’re interested in tracking climate change news, a number of articles are citing a study that says that the next ice age – which probably would have started in the next one or two thousand years – will probably be delayed by ten thousand years.


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