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More on Totally Drug-Resistant TB

Okay, if you haven’t heard about this, here’s a primer.  Coinciding with India’s announcement of a year without new Polio infections, a clinic in Mumbai announced that it had discovered patients with a strain of tuberculosis that was totally immune to all the drugs that they threw at it: Totally Drug-Resistant TB (or TDR TB).

This is a Bad Thing, and it gets worse:  A clinic in Bangalore (600 miles from the first reported cases) has reported that a patient, who it believes has TDR TB, has gone missing.


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CES, graphene heat sinks, drug-immune TB, and more

Ah, CES.  What wonders it holds each year.  And what a deluge of news stories.  Which I have sifted through and picked out what I think will actually matter.  Read on…




  • The Marines are looking for a new brain/control-system for their robots – something that doesn’t need its hand held going from one place to another, and that can be plugged into multiple different platforms.
  • And speaking of military robots…  The US military’s airfleet is now 1/3 UAVs.  I repeat:  one third of all aircraft in the US military is now unmanned.  Mind you, this includes the itty-bitty ones that are launched by hand, but that’s still an… interesting milestone, considering that the number was 5% in 2005.  I wonder when it’ll become 50%?  or 90%?


  • Is NASA thinking of sending another lander to Venus?  It’s not a particularly hospitable environment, what with a temperature around 1000*F, massive air pressure and a choking atmosphere.  Still, NASA’s building a hell-on-Earth simulator for wannabe Venusian probes, so they seem to be considering the possibility…




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